ELIGIBILITY:  Candidate must have a 4.0 GPA and present a 5-minute speech to the general membership as to why they are the most qualified candidate for the position being sought.  Voting will take place immediately after all candidates for the same position have spoken.



  • Preside and lead all officer meetings

  • Provide and present agendas at meetings

  • Represent the Club at all events, conventions, and seminars

  • Oversee the progress of all projects and events

  • Oversee and advise all Club officers

  • Consult Club business with the advisors

  • Report on Club activities

  • Vote only in the case of a tie

  • Serve as the Club’s Ex-Officio after a resignation of good standing


Vice President of Leadership

  • Oversee meetings, projects, and events in the President’s absence

  • Maintain and update the Club’s calendar


Vice President of Membership, Recruitment and Fellowship

  • Implements strategies to increase membership

  • Represent the Club at school fairs, club rush and elementary, intermediate and high school open house

  • Maintain a relationship with Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Chi Omega Chapter and the National Junior Honor Society


Vice President of Fundraising (Treasurer)

  • Receive, maintain, and oversee all the Club’s finances

  • Maintain a record of all Club purchases, dues and income

  • Plan and oversee all fundraising events and present status updates pertaining to the Ivy League School tours

  • Record payments of club dues and attendance of new members


Vice President of Service

  • Develop plans to promote and involve member participation

  • Coordinate, organize, and plan the Club’s Early College PTK Project

  • Coordinate and plan community service projects and events


Vice President of Communication (Secretary)

  • Record minutes at all officer and member meetings

  • Read, circulate, and archive all meeting minutes

  • Post “Remind” text messages pertaining to announcements, reminders and important information

  • Maintain and respond to the Club’s email on waipahuhs.ivyleagueclub@gmail.com

Secretary and Historian

  • Take and present minutes at each chapter meeting.

  • Maintain a record of chapter events, including photos, flyers, and newspaper articles.

  • Maintain a file of club correspondence.

  • Maintain the club calendar of events.

  • Take pictures at all Club events

  • Compile and update contact information for members.

  • Attend all general and board meetings.


Vice President of Scholarship & Active Participation

  • Verify membership eligibility

  • Keep records of each members attendance and active participation


Vice-President of Web Management

  • Update information and maintain links to the Ivy League Club website.

  • Prepare flyers, brochures, and event programs for all club functions as needed

  • Archive select documents on the Ivy League Club website

  • Manage all social network pages (Facebook Groups, Tumblr, and Twitter)


Vice-President of Public Relations

  • Communicating with administration.

  • Attend Parent Night Orientations, recruitment and community outreach

  • Assist with the planning and club orientations